SKU: FTS-NCT-NCAnvil. NC 70 lbs. NC Tool Knifemaker's Anvil. They had them in stock so they said they would ship it within a day. Well, my big anvil guy still has not made contact with me, so...I bit the bullet and just ordered a Ridgid Peddinghaus anvil 165 lbs. Contact Us. Price: $464.10 EACH. SKU: FTS-NCT-KnifemakerAnvil. Olympia Tools Hobby Anvil is a prime hobby it comes with a perfect design that allows you to perform all tasks in the right way thus enabling you to be in the position of enjoying your knife making roles. NC Knifemakers Anvil. 4.3 out of 5 stars 155. This is a cast steel, hardened anvil of 4150 alloy for improved toughness . Search. anvil is made from quality alloyed castings and is precision milled and heat treated. Senior Member; Members; 393 posts ; Location Perry County, Indiana; Share; Posted June 25, 2010. Has a thin heel design that allows hooking and turning heels of shoes through a 1-1/4" round hole for better fit every time with less stress on your wrist. May 20, 2011 #4. NC Whisper Baby Forge 1 Burner 37 Lbs. SKU: FTS-KJ-BlackRobinAnvil. NC Knifemaker Forge-2 Burner Gas Forge Special made for the knifemaker who forges blades or demascus. This anvil is perfect for a begging smith. Square clip horn. dkunkler. Contact Us. Weight 48lbs. Price: $439.53 EACH. Students got a free NC anvil and set of hand tools included in their tuition. NC Tool Knifemaker Anvil - 70 lb Sold Out. NC Whisper Daddy Forge NC Forges(rear door) View Product. 552. I Beam Anvil, Sound Deadened, Fire Burned Sound Deadening Wood Blocks, Knife Makers Anvil, Jewelers Anvil, Leather Working Anvil, Knife Making, Jewelry Making 3.7 out of 5 stars 9. $473.79. Knifemaker Anvil: Item Number: 18NCKNIFE: Unit Price: $355.00 Product specific shipping charge: $15.00: Quantity Add to Wish List: Bookmark: Email page: DESCRIPTION: NC Knifemaker Anvil Rectangular Face Square Cliphorn 1" Hardie hole in heel (takes a 7/8" hardie) Pritchel hole in heel . Aug 6, 2007 . Use these with Borax to forge Damascus steel. 4.7 out of 5 stars 157. NC Tool Knifemaker Forge with 2 Burners + 2 Doors Sold Out. Reviews:7 Best Anvil For Knife Making 2021 1.Olympia Tools Hobby Anvil-best anvil for beginners. Quality alloyed castings. NC Tool Knife Maker Anvil - 70 lbs. Features: Rectangular face. Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of demascus billets. Add to Cart. Ordered through Acme Tools with no tax and free shipping. 1 new from $449.00 . This Knifemaker Anvil from NC Tool inhabits a classic and traditional design. view details » … Anvils are essential for forging knives by hand. I was told it should be here in 5 to 7 days. Barry Clodfelter KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider. $60.55 Next page. The Atlas Anvil is specifically engineered for bladesmiths. 1 Review. It is technically a farriers anvil, and is made of cast steel. NC Tool Knifemaker Anvil Buy Now. $319.95. Comes fitted for propane, but can be configured for natural gas. $295.00. Rectangular Face. 1" Hardie hole in the heel. Exclusive, high efficiency burners. Price: … They were purposely only made in 70# weight so they could be shipped by UPS. Reaches 2350 degrees. Sam Salvati. It has a 1” (25.4mm) hardie hole, which is the standard size for most hardy tools sold in America. Ok i found a guy that has a NC anvil that has only bin used a few times he said it is a 100# anvil no chips nicks or dings and he wants 150$ for it is that a good deal and are NC good quality. NC Anvils; Sort. Very excited to see my new anvil arrive! as of January 3, 2021 9:58 am . Delivery time: 5-7 Days. : NC KNIFEMAKER 2 BURNER FORGE : Garden & Outdoor. Pritchel hole in the heel. I have a friend that uses an NC anvil for knifemaking and he seems to like it. The polished grey surface with a graded cast iron body will give a classic and unique character to your workplace. Whisper Momma w/open end ports Gas Forge #0113 $645.00 for 1+ Whisper Momma Gas Forge #0112 $590.00 for 1+ NC TOOL COMPANY 6133 Hunt Road Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 800-446-6498 . It can withstand repeated hammer blows even though it is smaller than normal anvils. The anvil just doesn't have the mass to be a great tool. He liked the looks of my gun and wanted to research it some tonight. Brand: NC Tool Categories: Blacksmith, Farrier Equipment, Blacksmith Anvils, Anvils and Accessories, Anvils. hardie hole in the heel, as well as a pritchel hole in the heel. The heel really doesn't have enough mass behind it to be useful for much of anything beyond the lightest jobs, and if you try to do any serious pounding on the horn, the anvil just flops around. 9TRADING 66 LBS Round Horn Anvil Solid Blacksmith Forged Steel Metal Work Heat Treated Buy Now. NC Knifemaker Forge - 2 Burner Gas Forge. Face: 3 1/2" x 11" Horn: 4" x 8" Heel: 3 1/4" x 5"Base: 11" x 9"Height: 8 3/4" ACTUAL SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY. NC 80 Lb. Rating: 100%. Skip to main Price $315.00 EACH; Reg Price $330.75; SKU 24-026; This product is currently backordered and may not ship with the rest of your order. view details » #0115 - $ 750.00 for 1+ QUANTITY . Lone Star Anvils 100 lb Cast Steel Anvil $ 449.00 in stock . Add to Cart. $320.00. Geared towards blacksmiths. Round Horn Anvil View Product. NC Knifemaker Anvil 70 Lbs Made in USA. Buy Now Add to Cart. This anvil is raw, unpainted steel. NC Tool. Add to Cart. Knife Making Tongs Set Blacksmith Bladesmith Knife Tong Anvil Vise Forge (3 Tongs) 3.8 out of 5 stars 34. Still the classic, traditional design with a few modifications specifically for knifemakers. Knifemaker Workshop Tip #19 - Anvil Maintenance! NC Tool Whisper Momma Open End NC Tool Forges View Product . The Anvil's shipping weight is 70 lb. Add to Compare. Whisper Lowboy Gas Forge. Knifemaker Anvil Knifemaker Anvil Classic, Traditional Design Rectangular Face Square Cliphorn 1" Hardie Hole in Heel Pritchel Hole in Heel This Knifemaker Anvil is 3 1/4" x 11 3/8" (face), 9" x 9 1/8" (base) and has a height of 9". A quick video comparing different sizes of anvils and their prices. He said he would probably call tomorrow and let me know if we can deal. Here's my update: The guy with the Peter Wright anvil made contact with me this afternoon and said he still had the anvil. This anvil is a bit of a step up from the previous model. $319.95. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more … Subscribe today! Items per Page. $741.20. Operates off of a standard 20lb propane tank, the same type used for barbecue grills. Add to Cart. view details » #0111 - $ 656.00 for 1+ QUANTITY . The knife maker anvil from NC offers a classic design with a square heel and pritchel and 1" hardie hole in the heel. Store Hours. NC Tool Knifemaker Anvil - 70 lb. Buy … If not, I'm going to go with the TFS or a Kanca 110 lb. The longhorn will undoubtedly offer more angling options. Quick View NC Tool Big Face Anvil with Punch ... NC Tool Cavalry Anvil with Turning Cams + Punch Slot - 112 lb Sold Out. Specs: Face: 3-1/4" x 11-3/8" Horn: 4" x 8" Height: 9" Base: 9" x 8-3/4" Weight = 70 lbs. View Product. Square Cliphorn allows the smith to hammer different curves into the metal. May 29, 2007. Farrier Directory. $107.99 Rutland Products Fire Brick, 6 count, Pack of 1. Reg. STORE HOURS Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday Closed SHOP OUR SITE. Backordered. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. ex Shipping lbs. The NC Tool 70 lb. Page 1 of 1 (6 items) NC Anvils. $335.00 Each. NC Tool Cavalry Anvil with Turning Cams - 112 lb. Add to Compare. NC Anvil #0200 $320.00 for 1+ NC Knifemaker 21 #0108 $764.00 for 1+ TOP SELLERS. Made in the USA. Price: $778.26 EA. Whisper Daddy Model #2 Gas Forge. Description; Knifemaker Anvil ….Classic, Traditional Design. If you're looking to buy an anvil this should help in the decision process. Doors on both ends allows long pieces to be forged. Quick View NC Tool Cavalry Anvil with Turning Cams - 112 lb Sold Out. Reg. Price: $656.88 EACH. NEW! It features turning cams in the heel, a square cliphorn, 1" hardy hole in heel, uses 7/8" hardie shank, and a pritchel hole in the heel. Face is the large flat slab where most of the hammering takes place. Entirely too light to do any serious work but could be improved a lot if you bought an NC stand which … Material: AISI 4150 steel Weight: 64 … Anvil - NC Anvil w/turning cams. Posted June 25, 2010. dkunkler. Add to Cart. Here is a link to the NC tool website that shows the anvils they are selling at the moment. A fly by night new class every monday horseshoeing school somewhere in Oklahoma made a deal with NC Tool Company for a lot of anvils. $625.60. 5,027. Regulator and Hose included. $418.60. 7.2. Reg. NC Knifemakers Anvil. Our 70 lb anvil is precision milled and heat treated. More Info and Images. NC Tool's NC Knifemaker Anvil features a classic, traditional design that includes a rectangular face, square cliphorn and a 1-in. thanks. Quick View NC Tool Big Face Anvil - 70 lb Sold Out. view details » #0114 - $ 700.00 for 1+ QUANTITY . 7.5. SKU: FTS-AK-KnifeAnvil. $442.00. It is 70 po We have lots not yet online. Firebox 4"H x 4 1/2"W x 13 1/2"L. 2" x 3" exhaust port on one door. Reg. $85.00. Reg. NC Knifemaker 21. view details » #0108 - $ 764.00 for 1+ QUANTITY . Rounding Hammer. Atlas Knifemakers Anvil. Exchanges & Refunds. Add to cart. Customer Service. My first anvil was a 70 lb NC Tools anvil, and it worked OK for a while, but if you have any other option I'd go with that. 6.2. The NC Tool 70 lb. Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of Damascus billets. Pritchel hole in heel. 4.7 out of 5 stars 969. NC Tool Big Face Anvil with Punch Slot - 70 lb. Specifications: Shipping weight: 76 lbs. $26.19 Nordic Forge 2 Lb. It features specially insulated doors on both ends to allow easy access to Damascus billets and to allow the forging of longer pieces. Mid-level blacksmith or knife makers will enjoy working on this anvil. Lone Star Anvils 100 lb Cast Steel Anvil. Perfect for forging Damascus. Out of stock. Keep your anvil in tip top condition. Add to Cart NC Tool Knifemaker's Anvil. This has a few more features than the previous model. Shipping weight: 76 lbs. The NC Knifemaker is a double burner gas forge made especially for forging blades or Damascus. NC Tool Knifemaker's Anvil. Our NC and Emerson heat-treated anvils are perfect for knifemaking. NC Tool Big Face Anvil - 70 lb. Knifemaker Anvil. Shop Jantz Supply for everything needed to make a high-quality knife at an affordable price. $35.00 Picard Wolf's Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L, Model:04900-400. $335.00. … The heat Chamber is 4" x 4 Square Cliphorn. Quantity. Add to Compare. In addition to the hardie hole, this anvil has a pritchel hole. Quick View Qty. NC BigFace Anvil. Black Robin Knife Maker's Anvil. Hello Select your address ... Happybuy Single Horn Anvil 66Lbs Cast Steel Anvil Blacksmith for Sale Forge Tools and Equipment Anvil Rugged Round Horn Anvil Blacksmith Jewelers Metalsmith Blacksmith Tool. 4.7 out of 5 stars 226. Knifemaker anvil is made from quality alloyed castings and are precison milled and heat treated. Quick View NC Tool Knifemaker Anvil - 70 lb Sold Out. Ridgid 69642 Model 12 Forged Anvil Buy Now. 1″ Hardie hole in heel. ABOUT US. For more information, please visit Leave it outdoors and it will rust, developing a nice patina. Subscribe. Add to Compare. Whisper Daddy Model #2 w/open end ports Gas Forge. About Us. NC Knifemaker 21 Forge NC Forges (port on end) View Product. Knife Making Anvil.