The focus of the film is on the Siddis inhabiting the Talala taluk of Junagadh district in Gujarat. Their diet consists of ample amounts of pulses, cereals, veggies, fruits, pickles, papads, ghee, butter, spices, and butter milk. In the Matki dance, the women of the tribes carry the matkis balanced on their heads. The tribal communities have the laurels of producing doctors, professors, journalists, government officers, contractors, businessmen, lawyers, magistrates so on and so forth. The Gharasias tribe is a scheduled tribe living in the forest areas of the Gujarat and Rajasthan. This tribal people are also known as Bahelia, Chita Pardhi, Lango Pardhi, Paidia, Paradi, Paria, Phans Pardhi, Takankar and Takia. The animals that they worship include tiger, crocodiles and also snake. The prosperous state of Gujarat is inhabited by natives commonly referred to as ‘Gujaratis’. Different tribes are occupied in different occupations. A company secretary by profession and writer by passion!!! Textiles, wood and ivory carving are also some of their strengths. Scheduled Tribe. The tribal belt in Gujarat consists of the districts of Dang, Surat, Broach, Baroda, Panchmahals, Sabarkantha and Banaskantha. These danceforms are very energetic, colourful andsoulful and truly reflect the essence ofvibrant Gujarat. The Bhils are said to be Gujarat’s traditional inhabitants. Several environmental factors influence this linguistic distinction. The ethnic rustic culture of the state still survive through tribes. Actually Gandhism has strongly influenced the cuisine of Gujarat and thus the Gujarati people try their best to stay away from Non-Veg food items plus alcoholic beverages. State District VDVK Name No. In the cities young women wear modern attires like jeans, tops, skirts, dresses etc while older ladies wear sarees paired with blouse, salwar-kameezes. Apart from this cattle breeding is also included in the list of the occupations  which tribal communities are indulged in. Some however follow Christianity under the influence of missionaries. Day 9 – Poshina Monday, January 31, 2022 Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner The extreme west of the state, the Kutch district, is home of many tribals communities who are still recovering from the 2001 earthquake. In the morning, drive to the places of the weekly markets either at Chotta Udepur/ Kavant. When it comes to marriages, love marriages are quite prevalent and also eloped lovers are accepted in the tribes by both the families after a point of time. One among these tribes is Gamith. Rabari Tribe is one of the prime attractions of this area. In these markets, different tribes of Gujarat gather like Rathwas, Bhils, and Nayaks. Gujarat is known as a hub of scheduled tribes as we can find many tribes in this state but there are around 29 main tribes including Gamith, Dhodias, Siddi, Barda, Vasawas etc. Full day excursion to Danta village. Folk dances of Gujarat include famousdance forms like Garba, Dandiya, Bhavai,Tippani, Hudo, among others. There have been several popular beliefs behind this. Khichadi curry, bhakri shag, doodh pak, khaman dhokla are some of the well known dishes of Gujarat. To reach the village, take a car from Gir and ask the driver to take you to the Siddhi Village. Apart from the main Gujarati tribe, the state is inhabited by several ethnic tribes/groups such as Kolis, Bhils, Naikda, Dhubla, and Macchi-Kharwa. As per 2001 census, the literacy level among Gamit is 52.91 percent. Majorly Produced Vegetable, Fruit and Crop in Gujarat, Water Park and Amusement Parks near Ahmedabad, Top Towns to live in Gujarat | Why should you live in Towns over Cities, SSC (10th) Results of Gujarat Board (GSEB/GSHSEB) Online 2020, GST Explained in and out with Advantages & Disadvantages, Mahal Eco Campsite – Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Ganesha Festival – Story, Commercialization Cons & Pollution, Interview with Daxeel Soni, a 17 year old Techie, Spiritual Tourism and Religious Places in Gujarat, GSEB HSC Results 2020, Check Gujarat Board 12th Result Online, Ahmedabad Railway Station to get Free Wi-Fi Service.