Here you come close to nature, the culture and the people. So, conclusion: Fjord= one breed, Døle= one different breed. Dainty . The Fjord Horse retains the "wild" dun color of the original horse as well as the primitive markings which include zebra stripes on the legs and a dorsal stripe that runs from the forelock down the neck and back and into the tail. 13.okt.2015 - Yellow dun Fjord. This kind of colour is also called wild colour. Jan 16, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Josie. The Fjord is a really old pony breed from the western part of Norway, probably with origins from the Przewalski horse. Reply. The center hair of the mane is dark (usually black) while the outer hair is white. Small brown marks over the eyes and on the checks and thighs. The other 10% are either red dun, gray, white or \"uls\" dun, or yellow dun. Custom Weanling Filly Yellow Dun (Brunblakk) Custom Twisted Tail Custom Painted Mane Edition of 4 Hand Crafted & Painted in Shipshewana, IN This is not a true form of albinism as the underlying skin is still dark in pigmentation. As a result, their coats can vary from a light chestnut to cream to grey and red-brownish shades. Red duns have reddish-brown stripes and body markings. The Fjord horse has several different sorts of dun colour. Delicate. The Fjord has earned a reputation as a strong, durable and pleasant-natured equine. The yellow dun (gulblakk) is the rarest colour of Fjord horses aside from kvit (see below). The "midtstol" (the darker stripe of hair in the middle of the mane), dorsal stripe and "halefjaer" (darker hair in the middle of the tail) are black, or dark brown. Discover (and save!) They were concerned that inaccurate information was included. Norwegian Fjord Horses are red dun. The head is medium-sized and well defined with a broad, flat forehead and a straight or slightly dished face, with small ears and large eyes. Forelock, mane and tail can be completely white, and on such individuals the dorsal stripe can be indistinct. The genes that are responsible for color are (A) bay/brown - limits black pigments to the points , (aa) grey - black allowed through the coat, (E) allows black pigment, (ee) red - does not allow black pigment, and (Ccr) cremello. The mane is cut short so it will stand erect. The following is the physical description provided by the Fjord Registry so that there will not be any misunderstanding: The majority of Fjord Horses are brown dun, while a small percentage are either grey, red dun, or white dun. This is the genetic … Gray duns … It is used by the farmers of Norway as a general purpose pony to pull loads on their hilly farms. Despite its small size, the breed is fully capable of carrying an adult human and pulling heavy load… In two doses, the result is a “kvit” or pseudo-albino. Are you sure you want to unfollow all collections for this entry by (@)? Brown Dun Dam. Sign in with Facebook 90% of Fjords are brown dun, the other 10% are red dun, gray dun, white dun (“ulsblakk”) or the extremely rare yellow dun, which can have a completely white mane and tail! Learn more. Susan’s email: Darker mid-section in the forelock, mane and tail. They ar, in fact, homozygous and will have to be mixed in at least three generations before the offspring will get any other colour than dun. Same as a Palomino coloring. The Døle horse on the other hand is a small but heavy draft horse (not pony) from east of Norway, that more resembles the heavy horses of Britain, whom are also partly founders of this breed. The breed has its origins in the 1700th century. It is a variety of red dun caused by the same factor as mentioned under uls dun. Yellow/white coat color, darker dorsal stripe, mane and tail may be completely white. Some striping may occur. The forelock, mane and tail can be completely white, and the primitive markings can be indistinct The ancestors of the Fjord Horse were used by the Vikings as their primary mount. In addition, uls dun and yellow dun are genuine colours of the breed. Ein Falbe ist ein Pferd mit hellem Körper, dunklem Langhaar (Mähne, Schweif) und dunklen Wildfarbigkeitsabzeichen (Aalstrich, eventuell auch Schulterkreuz und Zebrierung). One of the breed's 'trademarks' is the upright mane, which compliments the horse's frame and structure well. Yellow dun (gulblakk) is the rarest colour,only some 0.5% having this colour which is a variation of red dun due to the same factor mentioned under ulsdun.The body colour is yellow/white or golden. The rarest color, yellow dun, is seldom seen, even in Norway. your own Pins on Pinterest The Fjord Horse retains the \"wild\" dun color of the original horse as well as the primitive markings which include zebra stripes on the legs and a dorsal stripe that runs from the forelock down the neck and back and into the tail. Some 'feathering' on the legs, but not profuse. Thank you both, for providing these lovely photos! Another unique characteristic of the Fjord is the mane. { Photo Show Champion, 4 Generation Pedigree } Yellow Dun Sire & Brown Dun Dam owned by Zodiac Farms. One of their unique characteristics is that approximately 90% of all Fjord Horses are brown dun in color. The Fjord horse breed, which is predominantly dun, uses unique Norwegian-based terminology to distinguish between the different shades of dun horses. Fjord Horse More information #AllThingsHorses™: From the left to right: Red Dun, Yellow Dun, Grey, Brown Dun and Mouse Dun (the last three with black hairs in … Fjord horses have light draft builds, meaning they are short but still strong and stocky. "5 recognized colors of Fjords, from left to right: red dun/rødblakk (chestnut + dun); yellow dun/gulblakk (dunalino: palomino + dun); grey dun/grå (grullo: black + dun or smoky grullo: smoky black + dun); brown dun/brunblakk (bay + dun); white dun/ulsblakk (dunskin: buckskin + dun)." E. T.. “Midtstol”, dorsal stripe and “halefjær” are darker yellowish than the colour of the body. Im weiteren Sinne wird das Wort auch für alle Pferde mit grauem oder sandfarbenem Fell und dunklerem Langhaar verwendet. The Fjord in known in Scandinavia as ‘the yellow horse’. The color of the body is pale yellow-brownish, and can vary from cream yellow to nearly brown. Sign in with Twitter. A Fjord's body type would best be described as: Lean. Reactions: wakiya, New_image, Remali and 2 others. Light to silver grey coat color, muzzle is darker. Pale yellow/brown coat color, dorsal stripe os black or brown. "Brown dun," or brunnblakk is a zebra dun, rødblakk is a red dun, grå - literally "gray" - is a grullo, buckskin duns are called ulsblakk or white dun, and a dunalino (dun + palomino ) is called a "yellow dun" or gulblakk. The combined qualities of the breed have led to its exportation to many other countries in Europe where it has been widely used for light draft work. ". Archaeological excavations at Viking burial sites indicate that the Fjord Horse has been selectively bred for at least 2,000 years. The… It is a red dun with an additional dilution factor that makes the body a … Exact quote: "the Prezewalski is a different species and is not likely the predessor of the Fjord horse." All Fjord horses carry the DUN gene and are displayed in 5 accepted and 1 discouraged color. Susan is concerned with preserving the colours of the Fjord horse, including by using the high-tech technique of embryo transfer from OH Yenna’s dam to recipient mares, to produce full sibs of OH Yenna. The yellow dun (gulblakk) is the rarest colour of Fjord horses. The Fjord appears in the colours brown dun, uls dun, red dun, yellow dun and grey dun. Halvor - ( Sigurd x Skyla ) 22 yrs., Brown Dun, Fjord, Stallion, OF CollectA "Fjord" FFC - 19 yr., & younger. Terms of Service apply. (Virginia Tech/Mare Center News/November 2010, Volume 1, Issue 2), Breeds of Livestock Oklahoma University-Fjord Pony. - according to the registry . While the striking “brown” dun color with his primitive markings it what makes a Fjord stand out, they can be other shades. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The dorsal stripe, running from the forelock, through the mane (midtstol), along the back (eel) ending in the tail (tailfeathers) varies in darkness depending on the colour of the horse. Therefore, it may be assumed that it affected the breeds indigenous to other countries, notably the "mountain and moorland" ponies of Great Britain, and the Icelandic Horse. The nearest British equivalent is dun. This also due to the cream gene (palomino + dun). Thus, a Fjord can NEVER have any other colour than dun. It can be found in lighter or darker shades. Thanks to them all for sharing this photo and information about OH Yenna. Dieses Erscheinungsbild kann durch unterschiedliche G… We appreciate the effort you have made to include the Norwegian Fjord Horse and would like to provide some more accurate information for you, and perhaps some more representative photos. The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) is the only registry in the United States. Female Ephemera varia (Yellow Drake) Mayfly Dun View 7 Pictures This yellow drake dun hatched out of my aquarium over a month before her brethren in the wild are slated to emerge. While all Fjords are dun, five different dun shades are recognized: Brown dun, red dun, grey, white dun, and yellow dun. All of the accepted Fjord horse colors and their variations must be kept. Skip this step. The “midtstøl“ dorsal stripe and snow-shute are paler than in the red dun. The Fjord was also the horse of the vikings. About 90% of all Fjords are brown dun in color; the rest being red, gray, white or yellow dun. Thank you to Mr. Jorrit van Grieken for providing this information, although some of it has been disputed--see below. They have the strong muscle and thick bones of a draft horse, but are overall smaller in size and much more agile.A strong, arched, thick neck and a compact body with thick legs make up its distinctive shape. Image discovered by Lynda. She seems a bit small, and that might be the reason. Die Farbe wird durch das Wildtyp-Allel auf dem Dun-Locus hervorgerufen. (Both breeds have their own registry). Note from Nancy Newport, Executive Director, Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, United States regarding Mr. van Grieken's e-mail - it is not likely that the Prezewalski is the predessor of the Fjord horse. These horses retain the "primitive" markings of their wild ancestors: a black dorsal stripe that runs from the forelock to the tail, and zebra striping on the legs. The Fjord horse has a distinct appearance. © All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. The forelegs are usually more heavily marked. Many Fjords have primitive markings with prominent horizontal zebra markings on legs. It bears a striking resemblance to the horses painted on cave walls by ice age artists some 30,000 years ago. It takes you only 30 minutes to drive from the beautiful, warm Hardangerfjord to the wilderness at 1250 m of altitude on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Real, fresh, diverse and generous nature. The lighter version of both breeds, Norwegian-and Swedish Cold Blood Trotters share the same registry). This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Are you sure you want to unfollow all hearts and collections from (@)? Yellow dun (“gulblakk”) is the rarest of the Fjordhorse colours. NEXT> 10. Dark stripes may also be seen over the withers. She has found that, contrary to popular opinion, the North American Fjord population does not exhibit high levels of inbreeding; however, some genetic diversity has been lost since the foundation of the breed. Are you sure you want to unfollow the collection "" by (@)? Dark horizontal stripes on the legs, especially the forelegs. Collected May 13, 2007 from in Added to by on May 18, 2007. Tempting. Can have one or more dark stripes over withers, very seldom seen. This is the same kind of colour as the wild horse of Central Asia, the Przewalski, and the Tarpan, the European wild horse. The Fjord horse has a thick coat so that it can endure rough winters with minimal care. Eidfjord is unique. Although these two breeds have occasionally met in the past, a mix between them would not be recognized in either registry. Traditionally, the most common and desirable markings found on Fjords are: The Fjord Horse originated in western Norway. The bolding was added by me: The Norwegian Fjord and the Døle Horse (East Valley Horse) are NOT two different types of the same breed. Dark hoof color; may range to amber in red and yellow dun horses. The Fjord Horse is one of the oldest breeds of equids. Find images and videos about horse, dun and fjord on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. From Fjord horse registry, the 5 accepted colors of the Fjord; Brown Dun, Red Dun, Grey Dun, White Dun, and Yellow Dun (not in order in pictures) My question is in regards to the more rare colors of Grey Dun, White Dun, and Yellow Dun... is the grey dun just grulla (black dun)? Save Share. (By the way, the Døle and the North Swedish horse, are basically the same breed, and are mixed quite often.