Hurry, we had 8 and are down to our Last 2 We have two STUNNING AND CUTE Female Pups left Mom is a registered Australian Shepherd and the... three males 1 female available , they are nice pyrenees, golden retriever and something else. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, known as the Great Pyrenees in North America, is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog.It should not be confused with the Pyrenean Mastiff.. As late as 1874 the breed was not completely standardized in appearance, with two major subtypes recorded, the Western and the Eastern. or use the advanced options below . Cute puppies for sale at an affordable price. Lancaster Puppies advertises puppies for sale in PA, as well as Ohio, Indiana, New York and other states. Great Pyrenees requires Moderate maintenance. They were born on November 7. Copyright 2013-2018 Online Advertising, LLC, Narvon PA 17555. Shepnees (German Shepherd X Great Pyrenees) Smart, kind, and agile, it makes a perfect housemate for those looking to own a strong and large watchdog. $290. Male(s) and Female(s) Age. She´s sweet and energetic, as well as extremely intelligent. Breed Traits Select ... navigate our Great Pyrenees Mix puppies page below! Whether you’re looking for a loving and devoted companion or the best of breeders or even for purebred dogs, finding great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix puppies for sale can be more of a challenge than you might expect. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. They are raised in a loving family setting and are very well socialized and are kept up to date on all their shots and dewormer so you can be sure to purchase a happy and healthy Availability Date: 12/15/2020. 3. German Shepherd Dog-Great Pyrenees Mix Gender. IN (4) Apply IN filter ; OH (2) Apply OH filter ; Breed (-) Remove great pyrenees mix filter great pyrenees mix; Registration. Male. Should there not be any Great Pyrenees puppy listings shown, please complete the form accordingly to register your interest in buying an Great Pyrenees. But German Shepherd requires Low maintenance. Please call or text at … $1,200. Male. Hes very playful and loves to wrestle with his kennel mates. As long as they are socialized from a puppy, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix makes an incredible family dog. At the same time, one might find GSD puppies for $75 on Craigslist. Shipping Area: Nationwide. Thank you to the following artists at the Noun Project and their works: Paw Print by Kimberlin Ferreira Rochedo, Belgian Sheepdog, Black and Tan Coonhound, Affenpinscher and Basenji by Jenna Foster, Dog by juli , Terrier, Akita, Beagle and Pit Bull by parkjisun, Basset Hound by Loren Holloway, German Shorthaired pointer by Becca, Dog by Carolina Crespo Freytes. Bothell, WA. Color/ Markings: Black and Tan with white marki. Website Logo, Web Layout, and all pictures and text are copyright 2014-2018 by Online Advertising LLC, with all rights reserved. My name is Rip and I am only 1 yr old. Hello my name is Hy Bear and m y mom is a Good Pyrenees and well . He could inherit the health concerns of either parent, here are the main ones to look out for: Luffy is an 1-year-old male Nice Pyrenees/German Shepherd mixture who has already been neutered. Birth Date: July 14, 2020. Please verify all information with the seller. large (4) Apply large filter ; medium (2) Apply medium filter ; Sex. 3 Years 1 Month Old. Breed. $1,200. The Shug (German Shepherd / Pug) Source: Pinterest. Price: $600. She will be slightly longer than tall with upright or floppy ears. Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Hybrid Cross Mix Dog Breed Guide Do you often think of adopting the perfect family hybrid… Price Under $500. He would need to be transported if adopted. They have such a sweet and loving temperament, give them a few minuets of your attention and you have made a best friend for life! Female. Looking for a jogging buddy? 11/2/2020. Apache - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Newburg, PA. Report suspicious listings by clicking on . The Bernese Mountain Dog Mix is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and another dog breed. Germanees may sound like a funny name, but this mix between a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees is no laughing matter! He has plenty of, . Both regal and beautiful, this fiercely devoted hybrid can be quite protective and formidable. $130. Location: Wellington, OH 44090. One can easily spend over $5,000 on a West German Showline (WGSL) animal, especially an import. 4. (posted 7/5/18, ME, N/A) Breed. $200. German Shepherds often work as police, military and therapy dogs. Lancaster Puppies ® is a federally registered trademark owned by Online Advertising, LLC. 11/2/2020. To. Great Pyrenees may have less litter size than German Shepherd. It was a large white dog that disappeared into the flock and guarded it against wolves and bears. She was raised around cats, goats, chickens, and other dogs. Group: Working dog. The best of both doggie worlds are all rolled up into this one adorable and energetic bundle of joy. This Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is an affectionate sweetheart who thrives on one-on-one interaction with her owners and especially adores the tiny human variety – which makes her the perfect family-with-kids choice. Sex: Male. Crawfordsville, IN three males 1 female available , they are nice pyrenees, golden retriever and something else mixed Price. 17 Dog Breeds That Love Winter. Find your new puppy here! Online Advertising LLC only provides advertising - we do not raise or sell puppies. German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix. The mom is a German Shepherd Lab mix and the dad is a Great Pyrenees. Max - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Owingsville, KY. Prince 16wks old . Alaska - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Newburg, PA. They are a great watchdog with a strong instinct to defend their home and family and are also good as working dogs. Color/ Markings: White. From. Compare German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees and {name3}. For starters, the Shepnees is a combination of the German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees breeds. Size : Giant : Large : Small : Weight : Male: from 100 pounds (45 kg), Female: from 85 pounds (38 kg) Male: 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg), Female: 49-71 pounds (22-32 kg) 7-9 pounds (3-4 kg) Avg. ... Great Pyrenees Husky Mix $400 (Arlington, Tx) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 61 - 67 … We´re relocating and simply cannot keep her. At times we may only have a few Great Pyrenees available so we do hope you check back soon to find and locate your new furry best friend! Size at Maturity: Large. Price : $500-$600 : $800-$2000 : $800-$1200 : General Appearance - Great Pyrenees vs German Shepherd vs Affenpinscher . Anatolian Pyrenees . You are welcome to come out to our hobby farm to meet these beautiful puppies. Brewsky - German Shepherd/Husky Puppy for Sale in Butler, OH. Daisy - Coonhound Puppy for Sale in Fresno, OH. Height Male: 70 - 82 cm. Price Under $500 Go New Puppies ... Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Wellington, OH. To learn more, visit the Safety Center. Almond - … This makes them an excellent watch and guard dog, but they should be properly trained and socialized to make sure they … They have been vet checked and have been dewormed and vaccinated. Her eyes will be brown, and she will have a black nose and lips. $250. Disclaimer: Rip is in Texas. Above you will find the latest Great Pyrenees puppies which we have for sale. Go. Share this listing: Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix. Female. The Shepnees is a relatively healthy pooch who will enjoy a lifespan of anywhere between 7 and 12 years. But, you do want to talk to the breeder about the other dog breed in the mix. Apply (none) filter ; Size. 11/2/2020. German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Bridges have been around ever since humans began to move themselves -- and their goods -- from one place to another. They are a strong, quiet, powerful dog that is always alert. Payment Method: Money Order/Cashier's Check, Paypal, Cash The breed originated in the French Pyrenees Mountains as a sheep herding dog, working along side of the Great Pyrenees who were used to guard the flocks. Breeds: Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd. Terrier, Akita, Beagle and Pit Bull by parkjisun. Shipping Area: Pick Up Only. Covi is about seven months old, half Great Pyrenees, half German Shepherd with her first round of shots. Male. $150. Find Great Pyrenees dogs and puppies from California breeders. Joab - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Sebree, KY. Date Available: September 14, 2020. Find similarities and differences between German Shepherd vs Great Pyrenees. Thank you to the following artists at the Noun Project and their works: Paw Print by Kimberlin Ferreira Rochedo, Belgian Sheepdog, Black and Tan Coonhound, Affenpinscher and Basenji by Jenna Foster. Select Price Range. male (4) Apply male filter ; female (2) Apply female filter ; Puppies for Sale. Should they take after their Bernese Mountain Dog parent, they will be a large, fluffy, energetic, playful, and friendly dog that makes a great family pet. Featured Great Pyrenees Mix Article. Sometimes it remained on top of the freezing mountain for days, alone except for the flock it was guarding. Origin: France . The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees mix will be independent, just like both of its parents. Which is better: German Shepherd or Great Pyrenees $275. Lovable Sister Sparrow is a lovely black Labrador mixture girl that has siblings that look each and every 1 different. His long coat is simply stunning--light tan and he has… It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service. 11/2/2020. State. Transport fees $200. favorite this post Jan 3 Pit Bull mix puppies (atl > Franklin) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Find your new best friend now. Looking for German shepherd or Great Dane mix puppy (knx > Blaine) ... Must go today price cut in half (atl > 13 week old German Shepherd Labs) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. They are typically between 24 and 30 inches tall and can weigh up to 70 pounds. Come say Hello to these adorable Great Pyrenees mix puppies! Your Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix will be a large dog, standing from 26 to 32 inches tall and weighing 85 to 120 pounds. Expect your puppy’s face to be slightly broader and rounder than a Shepherd’s with a longer muzzle than a Pyrenees’. There are so many things to love about the Shepnees, it’s hard to know where to start. Only pay for shipping if you know the seller. 6 days ago on They are trained to make decisions on their own. We provide advertising for dog breeders, puppy sellers, and other pet lovers offering dogs and puppies for sale. Both Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd has almost same life span. Herding dogs. Pyrenees are intrinsically independent, left for days alone, guarding their flocks and constantly making decisions. German Shepherd . 11/2/2020. Great Pyrenees . ranges from $250 to $900. For some dogs, winter weather and cold temperatures are the perfect conditions. Price: $450. Male. Feel free to browse hundreds of active classified puppy for sale listings, from dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. 11/2/2020. Supposedly she has... Casanova. Golden Pyrenees. Size at Maturity: Large. When combined, the mixed breed will have a split appearance from both and can be quite large. Anatolian Pyrenees (Anatolian Shepherd X Great Pyrenees) It is gentle with kids and makes a great family as well as a livestock guardian. Male(s) and Female(s) Age. Germany. favorite this post Dec 27 Great Pyrenees puppies $150 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Payment Method: Cash 27 - 33 inches. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is intelligent, brave and rather serious. favorite this post Dec 26 Great Pyrenees $130 (Redoak) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Basic Information. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Great Pyrenees puppy (or Great Pyrenees puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Availability Date: 01/05/2018. I al... Tools. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is usually a pretty healthy dog. The Great Pyrenees is an ancient breed that was used by peasant shepherds in the snowy Pyrenees as long as 11,000 years ago. I have 1 male and 1 female left. In nature they are very confident and are going to be a confident, strong willed dog. We also advertise stud dog services and other puppy for sale related items. Don’t wire money or take advance payments. Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale. She loves running and playing and she gets along great with other animals. 2. German Shepherd Dog-Great Pyrenees Mix Gender. 10 Weeks Old. **It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or, /2/19, ME) **It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or, 12.5% American Eskimo, Chow Chow, and Good Dane, and 37%, White German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies, Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies, Great Farm Puppies Golden Retriever - Great Pyrenees Mix, Adopt PUPPY HONEY BEAR a Great Pyrenees Mixed dog in Andover CT, Adopt PUPPY SISTER SPARROW a Black Labrador Retriever / Great Pyrenees / Mixed. Size: Standard. All information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed by Lancaster Puppies ®. Here are a few dog breeds that love winter: View More Articles and Resources.