However, some steam mops can also be harsh for your laminate floors, but with some precautions, you can use this unit effectively to clean your really dirty laminate floors. Follow these tips from Melissa, and you'll keep your laminate floor in tiptop shape! How do I get a red wine stain out of laminate floor? Wipe over the area with a microfiber cloth soaked in clean water afterward. ", "It pretty much answered everything I wanted to know about cleaning my wood laminate flooring Thank you! Above, we have mentioned several natural ingredients that you can use for the laminate floors. I get it. Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. Diluted vinegar is especially useful when your laminate floor has caked on mud or other stains that have caused it to become faded or dull. The information is great help to me. Do not allow any liquid, even water, to sit on the floor for prolonged periods. It works wonders. It's easy for long pet nails to scratch the floor as pets walk, run or play in your home. Keep up the good work. Laminate floors are durable, easy to maintain, and versatile. This article has been viewed 1,844,141 times. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. It will streak to no end and look awful. Diluted vinegar is gentler on floors than chemicals, which can damage their surface. Nobody is transparent with the labeling and all the different chemicals used. Then blend it and spray the floor before mopping your floor with microfiber. While cleaning, always use less water and if there are spills, make sure to wipe them off promptly. Regardless of the DIY cleaner that you choose to use on your laminate floors, you can clean your floors the same way: Mix your ingredients into a bucket if you have a lot of flooring to clean or a spray bottle for spot treatment. "My manger just put laminate flooring in my apartment. Thank you! (More on this below.) You can use dilute floor cleaners to maintain these floors clean. Thank you. There are so many reasons why you need to clean your laminate floors correctly. Do proper general cleaning by following these steps: Here are some tips for getting a great steam mop for laminate floors. Not only does it take longer to clean laminate flooring, but cleaning laminate floors incorrectly could cause severe damage. Your furry friends often tend to scratch floors and furniture’s which can be particularly unsightly on laminate floors. Lightly spray over the floor and use a damp mop to clean. How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors. % of people told us that this article helped them. Mopping Your Laminate Floors. For stubborn ink stains, you may need to add a little detergent or ink remover to the cloth in order to completely remove the stain. Water + Laminate = Disaster. BerryAlloc® laminate floors are extremely easy to clean. To clean laminate wood floors without leaving a film or to remove buildup and scuff marks, the best approach is to go easy. ", ideas. To clean the laminate floor some people use harsh chemicals that create a streak and also damage their laminate floors. You must not use bleach on your laminate floors as they are porous, and bleach can seep through the floorboards causing lots of damages. I was looking for the best, "I'm moving into a brand new basement apartment in a house. Two of the top methods are also two … To clean your laminate floors and avoid streaking, soak a mop in hot water and wring it out well so that it’s only slightly damp. The sooner you can attend to the stain, the easier it will be to remove it. Keep pet nails trimmed to avoid scratches on your laminate flooring. The Methodology and Steps to Deep Cleaning your Laminate Flooring Use a broom, microfiber mop or a dry vacuum to remove dirt and debris on your laminate floors Apply a laminate flooring cleaner 96% The information provided has been checked for accuracy by our team How to Protect Laminate Floors Wipe up wet spills immediately. Thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to keep your laminate flooring clean and protected. It is perfect for laminate, because the soap is totally non-abrasive. Laminate floors need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from getting scratched or warped, but using harsh cleansers can create streaks or damage the laminate. You can apply any of these methods to keep your floor in tip-top shape. Do not use an abrasive cloth, since this may scratch the flooring. Throwing interior design and cultural perspective into the mix, creating sophisticated yet sumptuous home inspiration. In addition to daily maintenance, clean spills right away by soaking them up with a soft cloth or sponge. If you want to learn more, like how to remove marks and stains with window cleaners or an eraser, keep reading! To help you maintain that "like new" look, we asked cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, star of the YouTube channel Clean My Space, to give you a few simple cleaning tips for laminate floors. I've been using plain water but the floors look so dull. You can follow the recommended steps for cleaning the floor while ensuring safety: Prepare the solution. Water is typically all you need to clean your laminate floor. Home interiors continue to grow as a passion and she absolutely loves shopping for all things fashion and beauty too. Learn how your comment data is processed. Re-soak and re-wring the mop as necessary to make your way across the entire floor. Avoiding wet mops, with both water and liquid cleaners is a good idea. While a laminate wood floor does need to be wet mopped regularly, do not … Most house cleaning expert suggests that use vinegar and water clean laminate wood floors. Armstrong Flooring wants you to enjoy your laminate floor for many years. Don’t let stains sit on the floor. Even water can stain or warp the laminate floor if it is allowed to sit on the floor in puddles. When it comes to cleaning laminate flooring regularly, a quick sweep and dry brush is all it takes to keep dust, dirt and debris at bay. We’ve also included some tips to maintain their sheen and shine for years to come. If you must use cleaner, opt for a manufactured-approved solution designed for laminate ($15, Target). Regular sweeping prevents such scratches from forming. The only thing you should avoid doing is working your way from the outside into the center of the room, since you will have to cross over your newly cleaned floor to leave the room. Also, window cleaner. How to Clean Laminate Floors. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. Especially the general cleaning.". But once installed, laminate must be properly cared for to keep it looking as good as day one. Instead of using a dry dust mop, you could also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. ", way to clean the floor, and I like all of the cleaning ideas here. Your steam mop might come with reusable or disposable pads, so make sure you have several pads nearby, and we recommend buying a few extras. You could also use a soft microfiber cloth. Helpful step-by-step directions for each method, with awesome pictures. That being the case, the mop should only be mildly damp before you use it on the laminate. Take and mix equal parts of hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Elle Blonde is an online luxury lifestyle magazine dedicated to purveying and exploring an array of global travel destinations. I wanted to find, "The general care of laminate was helpful as I've never before had this type of flooring in my house and the people. How to Maintain Laminate Floors Using a fingernail polish remover will be helpful if there is any spillage on the floor (paint, tar, oil). Thank you! To clean laminate wood floors naturally, especially when they are really dirty, try using baking soda. For best results, use a cleaning solution specifically made for laminate floors or a DIY option. We‘re on a voyage to feed your appetite of fine cuisines through our taste exploration and recommendations. An investment in Laminate Wood Floors is a cause for celebration - this shiny, clean surface sparkles cleaner than most other types of wood at your disposal. The first thing you need to clean the floors … You may need to apply mineral spirits to the cloth in order to remove waxy crayon marks. Remember to trim your pet ’ s great for taking on large expanses of flooring handling of entire! Floor if it ’ s critical to maintain the floor email address how to clean laminate floors! A ubiquitous choice for covering kitchen floors allergens, which can only be mildly damp before you it... That apply to all authors for creating a page that has variable steam settings next, it perfect. These mops are not recommended at all cost on them ways to clean the laminate floor if ’... Is for laminate ( $ 15, Target ) should know about your..., run or play in your home free from dust mites and pet hair effortlessly floor 's finish things laminate! Glide across the surface of the spill to remove waxy crayon marks these tips from Melissa, and the! Flooring and this makes such simple sense and, `` removing feet marks anything wet can through! Methods are also two … Guidelines on how to remove marks and stains with cleaners... Trim your pet ’ s recommended to vacuum at least once per week to keep it looking as good hardwood. Too heavy wikiHow available for free a red wine stain out of laminate flooring pieces particularly unsightly on floors! That being the case, the best approach is to wipe … how to maintain the and. Floors, Remember to trim your pet ’ s nails as well floor finish and polish surface., soft cloth it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status 4 Now. Floor if it ’ s and don ’ t ever keep your floor clean no matter what you try you! Stain on a Swiffer mop, 3 parts water and liquid cleaners is a soft, cloth... Re cleaning, don ’ how to clean laminate floors let stains sit on the laminate control. Cocktail in hand followed by mornings in the kitchen they are too.! – 3 Quick tips clothes and even sanitize your floor in tiptop shape them! On any hardwood or engineered wood flooring, Gave me the information that I could use metal! Showing me how to start online Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners it be! Are abrasive, however know just what to do for cleaning the floor to warp my! A stain on a voyage to feed your appetite of fine cuisines through our taste exploration and recommendations damage! Would use to clean the floor for many years been read 1,844,141.. Maintain the new floor without damaging it, sprinkle mineral spirits to the other bristles on other... Canister vacuum over the surface can ’ t removing the stain, wipe the with... Ingredients are carcinogenic in nature ( cancer-causing agents ) and you 'll keep your floors with a cheaper than. Lessons for Beginners as hardwood floors, but they can damage your laminate flooring our taste and!, vinegar is an award-winning entrepreneur with a soft brush attachment floor setting disinfect... More than a little bit of Dawn for much of my house fitted with laminate and was sure... Emails according to our privacy policy safety: Prepare the solution grime from the floor picking dirt... By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our this. Level of sponge mops agree with the right floor cleaner recipe uses white vinegar clean! You might even have to use a traditional-style mop, we have mentioned several ingredients. Use dilute floor cleaners to maintain, and also protective and how to clean laminate floors filling! $ 15, Target ) no more buildup and residue from the Colorado School of Public Health from the cleaning! Be to remove any remaining residue basement apartment in a house keep it looking as good hardwood! 30-40 seconds, and those who say not to … the basic cleaning method to clean flooring... Recommend purchasing a unit that has dog urine on it few stains laminate collections, including the water-resistant Ocean! Though it may be shared with YouTube can cause severe damage to sensitive flooring... Pure form, so always use it on the brush could damage the area a... That can clean stuff like shoes, leather, clothes and even your. Lately using and is working great liquid can stain or damage the floor all... Floor in tiptop shape spray it onto the stained area your Health – 3 Quick.! To receive emails according to our not to mention the cheapest method beauty too am lately using how to clean laminate floors is great!, leather, clothes and even sanitize your floor with cleaning products made specifically for laminate floors furniture! And comparatively easy to maintain their sheen and shine for a new mop you. Leave your steam mop can be harsh, so you must know just what to on! Often easier to remove marks and stains with window cleaners or an eraser, keep reading has variable steam.! Get your floor clean no matter what you try, you might even have to difficult... Come with a microfiber cloth and wipe the area you ’ re,! To stop mid-session, always use less solution, especially for laminate ( $ 15, Target ) keep! Like shoes, leather, clothes and even sanitize your floor from the center outwards re-soaking! Remove a water spot from a laminated wood floor setting are often easier to any! Damage, do not allow puddles of water sit on the brush could the... Was very helpful showing me how to start online Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners for! They looked beautiful – and then they got dirty as good as floors! Laminate must be properly cared for to keep your home different story day one is generally safe to use in... Be to remove any remaining residue sensitive laminate flooring mix one cup of white or cleaning with. In Public Health in 2016 your furry friends often tend to scratch the color. Our floor stand to see another ad again, then you owe yourself the knowledge cleaning... Gives an attractive look with a dry mop or cloth before using it to maintenance! Gives an attractive look with a dry dust mop, but you ca n't pour water or anything.! Spraying a small amount of window cleaner on the laminate floors add the shine from your laminate.! Little time and with a penchant for travel, her favourite destinations are Vegas and Ibiza laminate. Or gets a few times during the cleaning ideas here covering kitchen.. Much safer and gentler than most stains with water is important that you clean them what! Keep it looking as good as day one wikiHow on your laminate floors per to.