Despite her being raised in a perfect environment, she has her own demons and it sometimes talk to her, demanding to submit to its wishes in exchange she can have everything she wants, courage and freedom. The bailey beareth the bell away, The lily, the rose, the rose I lay, The bailey beareth the bell away, The lily, the rose, the rose I lay. Creatures hiding in the dark are meant to be the bad people in the world. because until and unless we dont experience something we wouldnt know how bad it is or it can get. She's afraid because people told her stories of the scary people out there. artist: "Alan Walker", When we realise the truth and wanted to stop it. Creatures hiding in the dark are (E) her own desires for sexual experience, telling her to explore this area of herself. Come get me". We will look at the meaning of the term gild the lily, where it comes from and some examples of its use in sentences. I believe Lily is about a girl who is roughly fifteen. Just let me in, ooh (She ends up in the same situation she was before) So she try to run and was hypnotised by the creature where she feels like walking on a cold thin ice and it breaks. She went out to the industry. and the "just let me in." It latches on you and it creeps up subconsciously. I think I know. Or Dark as someone would say? Also known as the May lily, it means "return to happiness" and most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility. I think that the song is about a girl who only has a mother and the mother has had some traumatizing and terrible experience in the past. Maybe she is running from herself. a force and goes to the woods. The young women then realizes that this man is manipulating her for his own entertainment. Well she meets a man who seems nice so she trusts him and he well betrayes her in I guess rape or kidnapping. Then she starts doing them when she knows they're wrong. Then it broke, and she awoke again I think Lily is about a girl who is very sheltered, her family warns her about how scary and bad a relationship will be, telling her it will just hurt her, but she is curious, so she goes out to give love a go. The stranger was a male pedophile who wanted to um, go in her (i hope you know what i mean lol). ---------- "She grew up within her castle walls", meaning that she grew up in darkness. My understanding of the lyrics that when it says "just let me in" a demon in fact a spirit is trying to take over her body and possess lily I have sort of felt this way in dreams and nightmares but ever since I heard this song it always has been "stuck" to me like some kind of magnet but in my perspective I feel like when it says " you'll be safe under my control " that it's obviously taking her into the other side "hell" or to the devil .....the devil will persicely make lily "one of his" I don't know what else to say but this is my thinking and understanding of the song lyrics and I'm in love with the song but the lyrics just get to me and I have a similar way of my point of view in this situation ! H: Letting the creature in / creature controlling lily / hypnosis make sense? But in the end he abuses her, and suddenly she wakes up and realizes what is happening. I think Lily is a young lady who suffers of depression. Nearby there is a magical forest (D) populated by ill meaning creatures (E). In China, lilies are used in weddings because they are tied to 100 years of love. Evil stranger, coz it turns out that the stranger is child trafficker. Trying to be bave. Doing everything she can. And lily insists going outside but is rejected countless times. It's kinda a dark song. So she hides lily. And the castles walls are just saftey. I think the lyrics mean lily was a normal girl, who's parents sheltered her from the outside world. I think that this song is about a young girl who broke the rules and has to pay the price. Lily (A) is your conscious mind, that castle(C) is your self deception telling you that you are in control of things. They are corrupted by demons, and I feel Lily is the cross between the good and bad. She tried to run away from the abusive relationship but he won't let her leave that easily. (Wanting nothing more than to be loved she decides to take a chance) For me there are explicit and implied meaning. Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more The silver is white, red is the gold, The silver is white, red is the gold, The robes they lay in fold. If your not into like dark stuff I would not advise continuing to read. And lily insists going outside but is rejected countless times. So this woods was a scary place that nobody went to. Just let me in, ooh To for reading, In my opinion this song is about drugs, like heroin for example. She wants to escape or tell someone but she hears him saying how he will do anything for her. Hist. Start screaming, "Is there someone out there?" Whether she gets enchanted again is unclear. When she went out she was scared. Letting the creature in(H), is giving in to her desire. Deep inside he knows that he is on the wrong way and in a moment of clarity and remorse (I) he tries to get back on the right path (J) but once you lived a life of sin it is hard to get righteous again. ¨she knew she was hypnotized¨ the (demon?) Lily is an human living in the like us she doesn't even what is happening around her whether it be about surviving, believing, hoping, loving, and so on. He then takes advantage of her and starts taking control of her body (rape). Behind her, she can hear it say “Follow everywhere I go Top over the mountains or valley low Give you everything you've been dreaming of Everything you want in gold, I'll be the magic story you've been told And you'll be safe under my control It will lead her to the top of the mountain. Lilly the little girl fears the unknown. Follow everywhere I go And you'll be safe under my control At first she is persuaded (She knew she was hypnotized and walking on cold thin ice) Then she realized what was happening and wanted to get out or probably save herself (Then it broke, and she awoke again She left to the woods. Just let me in, ooh just that thin ice had to break and all her expectations of the "perfect outside world" will come crashing down. I think it's persuading her to give in and kill herself (It told her, don't you worry just...Just let me in, ooh) Let anyone controlled you? The setting sun is symbolic of the beauty and mystery of life. She knew she was hypnotized And walking on cold thin ice The woods are not literal it is a metaphor for something mysterious, Such as the outside world and we know all know that the outside world is mysterious to her. Her parents tell her that there are bad people out there, disguised as good people, hence "there are creatures who are hiding in hte dark". It’s an alcohol/drug addition. So lilly is a girl thats.. And I think the reward was a shortcut to acheive what we want but then it also carry a huge risk and it can't stop halfway. I don't know). Just like in the song, lily was a lil girl who afraid and live in castle etc. and " you'll be safe under my control" is like, you'll be perfectly safe with me when i drug you. The song the show that "lily" fall in the dark or have a bad ending. In my opinion, it is a representation of a pure, innocent mind.