When he sleeps on his mattress on the weekend he says his back hurts too. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. While Sealy focuses more on affordable mattresses, Stearns & Foster focuses on the luxury audience. I purchased a Stearns and Foster Cora Queen sized mattress from Sleepy's in Maryland in June 2014. Had to take a $125.00 restocking fee and a $50.00 re delivery fee. I feel refreshed when I wake up with no back pain or discomfort. I am physically fit, normal weight and swim laps regularly, walk and stay active. Whatever happened to pride of manufactured product, or customer satisfaction? I bought a Thermapedic Mattress made by Sealy from Rooms-To-Go. I noticed that my body aches and that it's hard to get out of the bed because of the center indentation. Slumber Search is supported by readers. There wasn't too much off gassing. Will never EVER buy another S&F product. Will never buy another Stearns and Foster. All Rights Reserved. We test and measure body pressure on each mattress using sophisticated technology. When I laid on any box spring, I would immediately notice a pressure point on my hip and my shoulder. I'm out $550, have no bed to sleep on, and couldn't be more furious. This mattress does not sleep hot in any way shape or form. Different This is a sealy brand but I don’t have a model number. If you like a firm overall comfort level, this may work really well for you. After a year, I noticed indentation in the center and on the top corner. Showing 1-2 of 2 . I would recommend this Bed to friends and family. covers and protects the comfort and support layers inside. It was firm to my satisfaction when tested on the showroom floor, so I purchased it believing I was going to receive a very firm, high quality bed set when delivered..Shortly after delivery, the bed dramatically lost its firmness night after night. Sleep accessories must be added to the same transaction as the qualifying mattress purchase. We purchased a Stearns and Foster king Douglas House LXP with box springs for $2,500+. I called the warranty department who sent us a "kit" so we could measure the sinkhole. mattress A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. Beware Beware Beware!!! Jul 17, 2020 - Kirkland Signature by Stearns & Foster Lakeridge King Mattress Only Sealy Box Spring Not Included I ordered this bed set on line with out trying it out big mistake. My husband a lot of times ends up on the couch to get a better night's rest. The photos did not show the sinkhole correctly due to our inexperience of performing this task. List View. Appointment was made and craftsmen came out. I just submitted a warranty claim, but have a bad feeling that I'm going to get the runaround from the reviews that I've read. I am 6'3'' and weigh 220 pounds. The delivery service was outstanding too. I found Sealy Essentials Holly Hills Firm Mattress paired with the special box springs saved my tossing and turning to into a great night's sleep. a yr. Hope I can say that in a few years & there is no breakdown. Around 3-4hrs in I would feel my back slowly be unsupported and I would bottom out to the foam base layer due to my weight and the heat I put off would cause it to soften. The mattress feels quite firm, but if that's what you like, you're going to love the attention to detail on this mattress.