Network Cabling in Hard to Reach Areas

One of the challenges I face when running Ethernet network cables in existing buildings is where to run the wires. In an older or historic structure where you don’t have drop ceiling, this can be a huge challenge. Two tricks I have used in the past might help you solve this networking problem. The first is the more difficult but the nicer-looking solution. It involves removing the shoe molding and then the base molding that runs around the perimeter of the room. You can then usually sneak an Ethernet cable behind the baseboard. Be careful when you reinstall the baseboard that you don’t drive a nail through your network cable. When the job is completed you will need to touch up some paint so be sure you have some matching paint before you start and be sure your client agrees to this solution.

The second option is to use an exterior wire channel or conduit. This is commonly known as wiremold. It comes in a couple of neutral colors and it can be painted to match. If you are only running a few network wires, you may not even have to use screws or nails. Plastic wiremold comes with two-sided sticky tape and it will stick right to the wall.

Friday, September 26th, 2008 Ethernet